pARAGUAY residence and cedula


The Immigration law in Paraguay changed in October 2022. Direct application for permanent residency is now no longer possible, unless done through the SUACE investment program. Interested migrants to Paraguay must now first apply for temporary residency, and after having temporary residency for a period of not less than 24 months, may apply for permanent residency.


We can help you with both phases of the Paraguayan residency application. To begin the application for temporary residence, you must first obtain, and have apostilled in their country of issue, the following documents:

Birth Certificate

Nation-level Police Certificate (FBI Certificate for US citizens)

Marriage Certificate (if applicable)

Divorce Decree (if applicable)

University Diploma (if applicable)


You must bring these documents with you when you come to Asuncion, and they must not be older than 90 days at the time of the submission of your packet.


Once in Asuncion, we will take you to several offices, such as INTERPOL and the Paraguayan National Police, to obtain further documents required for your application. Once these steps are complete, we will accompany you to the Immigration Office to submit your application packet. After the packet is submitted, you may remain in Paraguay or return to your home country while the application is processed. While the authorities have stated that the processing time should be less than three months, prior experience shows that this is closer to six months. Once your temporary residence card is ready, you will return to Paraguay, we will then accompany you to the Immigration Office again to retrieve your temporary residence card, and then to the National Identification office to obtain your cedula.


Cost of our service is 1,800 USD and includes all related costs and fees.